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Healing begins with a Single Cell.™

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1PN SCNT thumbnail image(1PN-SCNT) The first sign of successful cloning. The first indication that cloning has been successful is the observation of a single pronucleus, seen here, which contains the donated material from the donor skin cell.





Fib Karyotype thumbnail image(Fib Karyotype) Male chromosomes found in the donor skin cell.





Human Oocytes thumbnail image(Human Oocytes) Unfertilized, high quality human eggs, the precious starting material for SCNT.






SCNT 1 thumbnail image(SCNT 1) A high quality cloned blastocycst, seen here hatching out of its shell.






SCNT 2 thumbnail image(SCNT 2) A second cloned blastocyst, completely hatched from its shell.




SCNT 3 thumbnail image(SCNT 3) An early cloned blastocyst.





SCNT 4 thumbnail image(SCNT 4) An early cloned blastocyst.






Skin Fib SW thumbnail image(Skin Fib SW) A colony of donor skin fibroblasts, from which one cell was chosen to transfer into the egg.




UV Enucleation thumbnail image(UV Enucleation) The removal of the egg’s nucleus, visualized best when using ultra-violet light.