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Stemagen is dedicated to improving medical treatment possibilities through the technology of human embryonic stem cells. The discovery of human embryonic stem cells holds great promise for the treatment of many common and devastating diseases and injuries. While the benefits of this technology are compelling, there is also the possibility of abuse, and so we believe that all research involving human subjects and embryos must follow the highest ethical standards.

All research at Stemagen is performed in strict accordance with US Federal Regulations for the ethical treatment and protection of human subjects covered in the 45 CFR Part 46 policy issued by the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP). More specifically, this requires that all research involving human eggs, embryos or human subjects be approved and carefully monitored by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) composed of members of the medical and general community, with additional ethical and legal expertise sought when required.

Those who choose to donate oocytes (eggs) and embryos for this type of research do so through informed consents that follow the guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research from the National Academy of Sciences (www.nationalacademies.org).

Stemagen's mission is to maintain exemplary standards in human embryonic stem cell research in accordance with the highest ethical and research principles.