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Stem cell research holds great promise for the treatment of many serious diseases. Stemagen is committed to conducting research that has the highest potential for rapidly leading to potential treatments for disease.

At the present time, the research we are doing here at Stemagen does not directly involve patients. However, we anticipate that soon we will begin such studies in collaboration with other clinical and research facilities.

If you or a family member has one of the diseases that is a promising target for stem cell therapy and you or they are potentially interested in a treatment option that includes stem cells, please e-mail us at patientinformation@stemagen.com and tell us about the medical condition involved. We will enter you in our database and include you as a subscriber in our electronic newsletter. Obviously, your information with be kept strictly confidential.

If we start a clinical study that we think might interest you, we will contact you. Because it is uncertain when stem cell therapies will be available for any given disease, do make sure you maintain your present treatment plan.

If you think we may be able to help you or someone you love, we would be happy to hear from you.